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These prices include shipping to your door (within U.S.) 

There is a minimum order of 144 hats. Discounts are available at incremental levels for larger orders. 

Call to speak with your representative about discounts.


144 Hats with Two Flat Embroidered Items $8.50/hat

Example: 144 hats with logo on front of hat and location or phone number on back of hat (or any other combination) would cost a total amount of $1,224.00 including shipping.

For each additional item such as an embroidered emblem, symbol, second logo, phone number, etc, there is a .20¢ charge per hat per item. 

Example: To add a third embroidered item to your order of 144 hats would increase the price by $28.80 total; from $1,224.00 to $1,252.80 including shipping.

We can create artwork and LOGOS according to your direction if you do not already have your own.  There are cases of intricate artwork that can lead to design charges, typically $75, and we will advise you of any such charges up front before you order.  

For additional specialty items such as brass buckle fasteners, laser etched metal fasteners, etc, ask your representative for price. 

We keep our prices low and consistent so you can affordably create hats that exceed all expectations. 

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